really sad these things happen.

Africa far and wide

The rainy season has arrived in Mozambique. After a drought-stricken couple of years, I can almost hear the sigh of relief as plants, animals and people are soaked to the core with torrential rain.

The excitement that comes with the first rains is almost contagious. The bull frogs start emerging from deep under, children enjoy a free shower, women busily attend to their rice shamba’s, disease is washed away and there is an explosion of insect activity.
The rainy season is always a welcomed relief. The October, November and December months are a relentless, disease festering few months in Mozambique. You can almost hear the earth begging for a bar of soap and bucket of water!

But, it would not be Africa if the rainy season did not come with her fair share of drama! Mozambique is well known for its extensive flooding, cyclones and cholera outbreaks. Just last week…

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Decorative Juicy Contact lenses

non prescription colored contactsThere are said to have many reasons why people choose to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses can be worn to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons and are considered medical devices. A lens placed on the eye is simply contact or a contact lens. For people who would like to avoid wearing glasses are often motivated by using aesthetics and cosmetics contact lenses. Other people wear contacts for more visual reasons. Non prescription colored contacts would change the appearance of their eyes.

Non prescription colored contacts appears to be in numbers of color options. Majority non prescript contact lenses are in the market today. Particularly today, numbers of colored lenses are seemed to be popular and continuously growing. They are said to have no added vision powers and can be worn by anybody. Selling Juicy Contacts appear to be on top and used by many. These are also known as Fashion Contact Lenses. However, you need to change your Non Prescription Colored Contacts every month because accordingly it can only last for about three months thus you spent more money. To choose lenses that would suit your eye is said to be important. On the other hand, not like the prescribed contacts, Non Prescription Colored Contacts seems anyone can surely get unlimited numbers of Non Prescription Colored Contacts and not to need prescription from a doctor. You must be sure to find a lens to suit your needs, and if it is not the blue contact lenses or grey contacts you are after they might also have other cosmetic range of colored contact lenses.

About contact lenses

non prescription colored contactsA contact lens is a device worn in the eye to correct vision, although some people wear colored contact lenses to enhance or change their eye color. The slim plastic lens floats on a film of tears directly over the cornea. There are basically three types of colored contact lenses: soft, hard, and gas-permeable. Soft colored contact lenses are usually more comfortable to wear, but they also tear more easily than hard colored contact lenses. Hard colored contact lenses also tend to “pop” out more frequently. Gas-permeable colored contact lenses are a compromise between the hard and soft, allowing greater comfort than hard colored contact lenses but less chance of tearing than soft colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses are usually worn during the day and taken out every night for cleaning. Extended-wear colored contact lenses allow users to leave in their contacts for longer periods of time, even when they’re sleeping. More recently, one-a-day colored contact lenses are gaining popularity among lens wearers. These colored contact lenses are worn for only one day and thrown away, eliminating the hassle of cleaning them every night. Considerations we might notice, it still needs to know that colored contact lenses cannot override any eye color, and the result is always dependent on your natural eye color. For people who have very dark eyes, colored contacts lenses may not have the desired effect of color change they want. And also this non prescription colored contacts are said to be a short-time lenses only or considered disposable colored contact lenses.